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Test Data
We tested a 54" diameter, shrouded prop against a 76"free prop at the university of Maryland's Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel.
The results of that test confirmed that the smaller, shrouded prop produced more thrust than the conventional free prop at airspeeds up to 200 knots.
We developed Trek’s proprietary CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software program, TASPA™ (Trek Aerospace Shrouded Propeller Analysis), to design optimal shrouded propeller modules for full sized Unmanned and Manned air vehicles and drones.
Testing in NASA and university wind tunnels validated the accuracy of our code, and flight testing of both manned and unmanned vehicles has further verified the real-world applications of our technology.
Trek’s knowledge base allows us to design and build shrouded propellers that produce 50-75% more static thrust than our nearest competitor.  Furthermore, our shrouded propellers outperform similar free propellers to airspeeds in excess of 200 knots.


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Trek Aerospace is the industry leader in shrouded propeller (“ducted fan”) technology.

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